I’ve been following Kristen Lamb’s wonderful blog on the writing business.  I would say I want to be Kristen when I grow up, but I can’t wait that long!!

One of the responders said they were going to “reblog” Kristen’s writing.  ARRGGHH something else to learn!  In the meantime, here’s the link. It is worth your time to check this out, if you are any sort of an artist.

Oh, and I gave in to my drug of choie craving (caffeine) and I’m feeling MUCH better now (my nod to Taxi, does anyone remember that show???)


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2 responses to “Reblog?

  1. Linda Pocurull

    Well who wouldn’t remember Taxi. I’m glad about the caffeine, I myself really get concerned about people that give up on caffeine. I ran out of coffee this morning and short of driving a 20 mile round trip into town for starbucks…I’m trying to work with tea and it just isn’t doing the trick


    • Hi Linda, how’s the Kinky Queen (and won’t that bring comments???) I’m rotating caffeine, decaf and hot water. I’ll no doubt be swilling down gallons of tea while I’m at the National. Wish you could come with us!


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