LAUNCH PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazon jumped the gun by a few days, and put Teach Me To Forget out on May 9.  Actually it showed up on line May 10, but who’s quibbling.  Black Opal Books Release  is May 12.  My favorite bottle store was able to order Black Opal wine for me, so we’re all set for a release party.

Except this weekend is the Rio Grande and Coronado KC shows, which ties up my doggy friends. I’d intended to be in Colorado lure coursing so the idea of a release party never got off the ground.  However the weather for Colorado predicts rain followed by, you guessed it, more rain.  So I’ll be staying home, and the actual party will have to be later.

In the meantime:


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6 responses to “LAUNCH PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Linda Pocurull

    Congrats on the NEW BOOK! We will be celebrating for you in the rain in Colorado


  2. Left-Brained Business for Write-Brained People

    Ahh…a woman with a plan. Congratulations!


  3. Thanks Guys
    We could coordinate our wines some time this weekend


  4. WOO HOO! Massive congrats!


  5. trish taylor

    FANTASTIC!! Raising a toast to you here in Canada as well!


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