Lessons in the New World of Publishing

I have often stated I believe a book is about the words.  The characters, their reaction to events, how they relate to each other means far more to me than how I read about them.  I realize this isn’t the same for everyone, but shouldn’t our lives be about variety?

How we read has a direct effect on the huge publishing industry, as does what we read.  Kristen Lamb has stated this so clearly, and it’s a MUST READ not only for writers but also for we people who follow AKC.  Adapt or die, Darwin at its finest.  Yes, it’s long, and the comments keep pouring in.  But I haven’t found a better overview of our profession.

Kristen has written several books on making social media work for us, including We Are Not Alone

Enjoy.  Tomorrow I’m going to get into some shameless self promotion.  Release day is coming soon



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