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That Quiche

While I was in Southern California visiting with my sis in law, she gave me this great quiche recipe:


dozen eggs

pound bacon cooked and crumbled

one pound each jack and cheddar, shredded

two cans asparagus tips

sliced fresh mushrooms

SPRAY 12 X 9 pan.  Layer asparagus, cheese, bacon and mushrooms.  Beag eggs until frothy and pour over.  Bake at 350 for one hour

Okay, I do not eat canned asparagus.  Ick barf.  I love asparagus, raw or steamed or lightly tossed in a pan with some oil (or butter!)  Next time it’s on sale at the grocery I’ll try it roasted with olive oil.  Plus, living in New Mexico, I’m going to be adding green chilies to pretty much everything.  I’ve already gone through what I put up in October but we can get pretty darned good roasted and chopped frozen greens.

The last day I was visiting Gloria and I picked up bacon and eggs at Trader Joe’s.  They have a great no preservative bacon ends and pieces, lots of meat and wonderful flavor.  Plus a can of their green chilies–not much heat but a lot of flavor.  That made a super breakfast, along with onions and red bell pepper strips, cooked in olive oil, and young potatoes cooked in the bacon grease.  The potatoes were for Gloria’s family, I’m still no carb.  Super yummy breakfast, much less expensive than anywhere we could have gone out, and no need for anyone to dress up.

Of course I’m going to play with the recipe!  Didn’t have time to go into Albuquerque for Trader Joe’s, so I used the Oscar Mayer no preservative bacon (more expensive than TJs!)  And we have the luxury of those great frozen Hatch green chilies.  I had some wonderful New Zealand White Cheddar waiting to be shredded.

Getting hungry yet?  I only made half the recipe, and put it in my favorite blue ceramic dish.  Sadly one of the handles broke off but until I can get another one this size and this gorgeous color, I’ll keep using this one.  The recipe calls for layering the “fillings” then pouring on the eggs, but I thought I’d try adding more cheese to the top.  Hard to believe I had no mushrooms in the house, but I’ll save that for next time.  After I taste tested, I wrapped the rest up to go to Martha and Tim for dinner.  She had meetings all day and didn’t need to be thinking about cooking or going out.

So, is the low carb worth it?  Are my body values skewed after three months of meat, oils, butter, eggs?  For my quarterly check up on Thursday I had blood work done on Monday, so it would be as current as possible.  My blood sugar is 84, my cholesterol is better than it ever has been.  My doctor is grinning over a 35 pound weight loss in less than a year.  Yeah, I’d say it was worth it.  And it’s not like I’m depriving myself.  Last night was steamed and mashed cauliflower and chicken.  Yummy.

So far I haven’t written about anyone with a weight issue.  Maybe for the same reason I haven’t written about anyone in the dog world–it just hits a bit too close to home.  “Teach Me To Forget” is about a woman who has taken back her life, and answers to no one about her appearance.  I’ve uploaded the prologue onto the Teach Me To Forget page, but I’ll happily share the cover with you here.

Enjoy your quiche.


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