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When I’m Not Being Mona

We all live multiple lives: partner, parent, worker, writer, club member.  Some of us go beyond the norm to become involved in completely disparate worlds.   Although I’ve written stories for years, long before I was an “author” I was involved in the complex world of purebred dogs.

I love all dogs, pedigreed or not, but my deepest admiration is for those dogs originally bred to hunt at  full speed.  Their grace and power caught my eye, and their personalities caught my heart.  For me, it has been the Saluki for over forty years.  Jobs changed, homes came and went, but always I had a Saluki by my side.  Tom and I met at a Saluki show, and we combined our doggy households when we married.  Eventually I wanted to go beyond raising, showing, loving my breed and give back some of the pleasure I found NOT ME!in dogs.  We worked in clubs, put on dog shows and other events, and set up booths at Pet Expos so people could learn  more about our breed.  When the time was right, I applied for approval to judge the Saluki.

Judging took me to Finland, Australia and New Zealand, as well as around the United States. I met many wonderful Salukis and fabulous people.  I both judged and (later) organized the American Saluki National.  It’s amazing to learn about the “other” worlds out there–cat shows, bird shows, chicken shows.  All of them organized and attended by people who are passionate about their own piece of the world.

You’d think I could write about the Dog World but I do have a problem finding much romance in this world.  Fun, yes.  Excitement, sometimes.  Also intrigue and some of the most convoluted stories ever heard.  Just not much room for romance, at least not yet. Now murders, that’s another matter.  Picture the first scene, a well hated dog fancier head down in a full Porta Potty.  Hmmmm, that does have possibilities!

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