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Because We Are All Worth It #MFRWAuthor

Because I’m Worth It

Who remembers the four words, spoken by a beautiful woman holding a box of beauty product? The slogan for L’Oreal® shampoos and conditioners and whatever else was wanted or needed to make women feel special. In the mid 2000’s the slogan changed to “Because You’re Worth It’ then in 2009 the phrase became ‘Because We’re Worth It’ at the advice of a consumer psychologist. Here’s the Wiki Link

Such an empowering phrase, created to help a company retain the lead in a business all too often dependent on women feeling they need to be more. Even though I have not used cosmetics other than skin cream or oil, I find myself using the phrase, though not perhaps in the way intended.

I am worth living life as well as I can. I am worth working toward success whether with my writing, my photography, or my dogs. I am worth saying no from time to time when a club or an organization wants some of the time I jealously guard.

We are ALL worth these basic guidelines to our lives and in living our own life with value we can share that value with others.

Seth Godin, the powerhouse behind the recent Your Turn blog challenge, stated this so well almost a year ago:

The generosity boomerang
Here’s conventional wisdom:
Success makes you happy. Happiness permits you to be generous.
In fact, it actually works like this:
Generosity makes you happy. Happy people are more likely to be successful.

Let’s be generous with ourselves and each other so we can boost happiness all around us.

After all, We ARE worth it.




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