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Sharing Kristen Lamb’s Three Phases of Becoming a Master Author

Yep, back to Kristen Lamb’s wonderful blog.  This time it’s about growing as a writer, dealing with the levels necessary for success.  And most importantly it’s about not losing your love for writing along the way: Three Phases of Becoming a Master Author.

mastery blockMastery is when we return to that childlike beginning. How many times have we enjoyed drawings from very young artists, bursting off the page with energy and delight? These potential future masters might go on to study art, and some of them will indeed fulfill that early promise.  While some will allow day to day pressures overcome their original joy of creation. We can’t do much for others who have given up but we can bolster ourselves with the belief that we are as good as we once thought we were.  Let’s call it the once and future love of who we are and what we write.

Can this love of writing, once lost through the process of attempting to learn to write better, return at the same level?  Absolutely.  The same as  energetic but uncoordinated moves on the dance floor can become ballroom dancing. Or any other form of physical self expression, performed instinctively, then refined to mastery.

Now I’m going to share a deep dark secret.  It doesn’t happen overnight. Your first book might not be master status. Nor your second. And at some point you might become discouraged and think about giving it all up for Paracheesi or flower arranging or baking cookies for fund raisers.  All very admirable outlets for creative energy but are they a real substitute for sharing stories of great characters and intricate plots?

I’m sharing the work of an artist friend. Lorraine Trenholm has never lost her childlike love for all things artistic. Throughout any adversities she has continued to create lovely artwork.  This is a Saluki collage but her link will take lorraine's 057you to a wonderland of artistic delight.  Since I know so many fabulous artists, I’m going to introduce as many as I can over the next few months.  Enjoy.

But, write first.

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