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Golden Treasure…?Turmeric #MFRWAuthor

Observations on a new trend.

It seems turmeric has taken over social media. I’ve seen multiple recipes for Golden Milk, made with turmeric and various forms of milk, whether cow’s or goat’s or nut’s. Plus multiple discussion of how turmeric has helped people, dogs, and horses with ailments up to and including tumors.

I’m not in any way, shape, or form a health expert. Nor do I gain anything from sharing what I’ve learned.  I’ve read extensively on the history of turmeric use, I’ve included turmeric in recipes and I’ve now been using it therapeutically for about a month. My dogs also get a small dose every day. I’ve found my joints ache less in the morning and I recover faster from muscle fatigue. Good things. I’ve also found that, as warned, there is an odor of cat urine if I don’t also take cinnamon.


I’ve learned to use cinnamon even more than I used to.


Frozen turmeric ‘buttons.’ The yellow spots are where I removed the turmeric. It can stain a bit

The “Golden Milk” makes an interesting nighttime drink, with Stevia drops instead of honey. I’ve used both almond and coconut ‘milk’ with success. I can also add it to my coffee, especially when I’ve also added cream and butter.  But most of the time I just scoop up a spoonful and shove it in my mouth, followed by a slug of water. On occasion I’ll chomp on the frozen turmeric ‘drops’ I’ve made, which have proven to be a quick and easy way to take my dose.

Though I referred to turmeric as a ‘new trend’ it is in fact an old remedy, used long ago in China and India. It’s also an ingredient in curry though not one of the spicier ingredients. At least not to my palate though I freely admit to liking it hot.


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