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I’m Not Laughing…Potential Triggers #MFRWAuthor

I had planned a quick sweet blog for this Sunday evening, finishing out a lovely New Mexico day. But I read this blog by Kitt Crescendo and I knew I had to step forward with something that has disturbed me for so long. I have to warn you this can be disturbing.

I’m Not Laughing.

Kitt’s blog has to do with FGM…Female Genital Mutilation. I hope you’ve heard of it. Well not really hope since it’s such a horrific thing to have happen to young girls I wish it would only be a footnote in historical books. But it is very real. It is happening NOW and not enough is done to try to STOP IT.

It is NOT funny. Along with other things NOT funny: videos of frightened pets making odd noises. Children falling down or being pulled down by accident. Crotch hits. Most of the “funniest home videos” Sorry, not funny.

Not. Funny.


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