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Biscuits and Jam and Love From the Kitchen

In Teach Me To Forget, Jonathan Merritt makes biscuits for Bethany’s first morning at his house, and has his mother’s jams on the table to add to the steaming, butter laden yummies.  Hang on I need a minute to process since biscuits are officially off my menu for the foreseeble future. Oh, the memories.  Okay, I’m fine now.

Feeding the people we care about is a time honored tradition.  Who doesn’t preen when their “secret family recipe for the best cookies EVER” is praised?  I know most of hospitality centers around food in one form or another though it has been a challenge when I’m avoiding certain beloved foods.  But taking up the challenge for substitutes can be fun.  So far there’s not much I’ve found to substitute for hot biscuits.  Or bagels.  But for a simple treat to take to a brunch, I’ve found almond/cheese sticks go extremely well with any sort of hummus and are a great cracker or toast substitute.

The original recipe came from Low Carb Diet Tips for Busy People

Mom’s Low Carb Bread Recipe (bread sticks)

1 8 ounce bag Sargento parmesan cheese

1 cup almond meal

2 small or one very large egg (I used two largish)

2 Tablespoons melted butter (salted or unsalted depending on your preference)

Optional: Garlic Salt to taste (or garlic powder)

Mix ingredients well and chill. You can keep the mix in the refrigerator until needed and only cook a few at a time. Roll small portions into ball and then into cheese sticks.* Bake in preheated 350 oven for 10 minutes, turning after 5 minutes if necessary. You can make them flat on top so you can turn them over to brown on both sides.  You’ll want to flip them when they brown slightly on the bottom, so you can brown both sides. Don’t overcook.

That’s the basic recipe. I’ve since made it with grated cheese of various kinds similar to parmesan and with powdered parmesan/parm blends.  All yummy-licious.   So far I haven’t been able to create the pretty breadsticks in the original recipe since I’m always so impatient, but I can make an oval thick cracker sort of treat.  And I cook them a lot longer, to get more crunch. Often I’ll turn the oven off to let them cool down and get crunchier. I’ve also pressed some of the mix into a glass pie dish for a larger round of crunch, which makes a great base for whatever your imagination can come up with, not limited to pizza!

I would share Jonathan’s family biscuit recipe but that would entail research that might lead me down the wrong path.Teach Me To Forget Black Opal Books  There’s more information about the book here Teach Me To Forget and it’s available through Amazon, Black Opal Books, B&N and all the usual sources.  Enjoy and if you have a recipe you want shared on Wednesdays come on over, I’ve got the Keurig all warmed up.



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