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It’s Not All Bad…From Another Point of View

I know, I’ve been all about how awful it’s been for women. And it has. In fact next week I’ll be back at it with things that bug me, and we’ve accepted as ‘the way things are’ for way too long.

But I would not be fair if I didn’t talk about the other side…the positive side…of how women are treated or should be treated. Yesterday I flirted with what Rod Stewart had to offer with his songs. While I was noodling around on YouTube, I came across some other feel good songs. What better way to slide out of the weekend?

I think this is a particularly enjoyable version of a lovely song.

Since I love this sort of song so much I’ve decided it would be fun to use some of these titles for my books. Then I can think of the song while I’m working on the book. Like this one:

Which I think would work really well for the book now at Black Opal. Sydney has always ‘done for’ everyone else, shorting herself. Until she meets Devin, who only want to make her life better. Although I might use another favorite instead:

Because…really what’s more romantic than the magic of touch with the right person?

Sweet Dreams

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