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One Man’s Hands #MFRWAuthor

I’ve been waiting to share this reminder from my younger years.

Pete Seeger’s amazing song:

One Man’s Hands

One man’s hands can’t tear a prison down
Two men’s hands can’t tear a prison down
But if two and two and fifty make a million
We’ll see that day come round
We’ll see that day come round.

One man’s eyes can’t see the future clear…

One man’s voice can’t shout to make them hear…

One man’s strength can’t ban the atom bomb…

One man’s strength can’t roll the union on…

source: https://www.lyricsondemand.com/p/peteseegerlyrics/onemanshandslyrics.html

We will see that day come around. Thank you Georgia, and thank you to everyone who got up, stood in line, and voted.

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