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Yeah About That Agility #MFRWAuthor #BOB

It’s taken a while to finish this blog, because…well, reasons. Biddy and I participated in three Agility trials last weekend. Three. I was so sure this would be THE weekend, THE trials when I would finally accomplish the coveted green qualifying ribbon. So very sure.


Biddy, waiting her turn. She likes her own blanket thank you so much!

Best laid plans and so on, we bombed. Well not totally. The first day we did fairly well, made it around the course and even through the dreaded weaves. But we took too long

81876594-Friday-0450 (2)

photo by Howard George

for that accomplishment so…no Q. But we did get pictures to share. Like this one.

Hmmm, looks like she’s  jumping a bit close to the obstacle instead of standing back. Jumping close is a Biddy specialty but this is a bit TOO close. That’s probably because we weren’t moving fast enough. Biddy was worried, so she slowed down. I slowed down to match her so she slowed down and…yeah, not a recipe for success!

Agility is a sport of speed and grace, for most of the competitors. Then there are the rest of us, getting around the course as best we can. Loving (nearly) every minute of it. See, I’m not built like an athlete. More like…well, here


also Howard George

Yup that’s a bit of weight to be carrying around that arena. And kind of why it took so long to finish this post. I thought about only using the photo of her jumping but decided to go with truth in packaging. I might be fat, she might be mature, but we are light years ahead of when we were sitting on the couch ‘thinking’ about getting more exercise!

So yesterday we entered some more trials. Think green, but even more think happy…and keep moving!



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