The Importance of a Good Foundation #MFRWAuthor

Foundation can mean so many things. We’re told we need a good foundation garment so our clothes fit well. Foundation is critical for a safe house. Training Agility is so much easier when you spend the time to teach Foundation skills. And if we want to write a readable book it really helps to have the Foundation of grammar, sentence structure, and some semblance of plot.

Not that you can’t succeed in Agility or Writing without a great foundation. I kind of

2015-05-02 agility 0431

Fire Dragon, a little confused

‘back doored’ my way into Agility with an intelligent dog and basic training skills. He ended up my first pancake, my learning dog…until my handling skills (or lack thereof!) confused him so much he shut down. I moved on to his littermates and with each one I improved enough…with a LOT of help…that I can now communicate with Biddy while we are both running. Okay, she’s running, I’m huffing and puffing.

That first dog was Fire Dragon, and we’ve gone back to the beginning with a ‘Foundations’ class. He’s never been on board with tug toys or other games but getting in depth advice on the obstacles he loved but that worried him? Seriously priceless. So what if this is the work we should have be doing at the beginning, as long as it gets done?

So I pulled out my very first book. Wowee it’s long, or it was back then. Something like 425 pages (100,000 plus words.) Over the years I’ve cut and cut and cut until it was down to about 80,000 much better words. Now that it’s going to be the fourth book in the Stormhaven trilogy, I pulled it out again.

Stormhaven BannerWHO wrote this? POV changes every paragraph, all the characters are beautiful and flawlessly kind except when my two main characters snipe at each other for no reason…when they’re not thinking lustful thoughts. Naturally they’ll be in bed in the third chapter. Inner dialogue out the wazoo. Sigh.

Well I can save the character’s names, which helps since the male is a part of the first three books. I can save the basic plot. The craft Foundation is there but I am certainly going to have to go back and apply the skills I’ve gained since then.

As far as Foundation garments? That’s a subject for another time.


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9 responses to “The Importance of a Good Foundation #MFRWAuthor

  1. Oh, boy, I remember those days! When we were critique partners, I’d never even heard of POV, and I thought books had to be reeeealllly long. Live and learn, I guess, even if I still don’t make any money. Sigh. You’re absolutely right about a good foundation. If you can’t write coherent English sentences (or whatever language you’re writing in), your chances of getting published are poor. I edit other people’s books now, and sometimes I want scream because people DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THE LANGUAGE. Oh, well. According to recent reports on the news (newscasters don’t know how to use the language, either) nobody reads anymore anyway…

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  2. Charming, Mona,with lot’s of humor. I’ve missed you.

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  3. I’ve been reading some of my older stuff too, and wow…what a evolution! LOL! I had excellent editors that really boot camped me on a lot of the mechanical issues early on, so I was fortunate. I have 2 that I’d love to re-release, but really, its like writing a whole new book. 🙂 Foundation is everything! You can’t break the rules effectively unless you know them in the first place.


  4. Been there, done that. Dragged out an old MS (it was a fan fic). I thought it was great work at the time. It was embarrassing reading the stuff. I would have failed Writing 101.
    And I think you’re doing a great job for you and your pups doing agility. As you say, the ground work is the thing. Whenever it’s done. I look forward to more vids of you and the kids doing their thing.

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