With a LOT of Help From My Friends #MFRWAuthor

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Yeah that about sums it up.

Remember when I was whining about NOT. Not being able to write 50,000 words or walk 10,000 steps? That was the January 7 blog The message I was trying to convey was I can’t do that in one gulp. But I can do it in small sips. With help.

Since January 19, I have only missed minimum 10,000 steps one time. A lot of those steps were around and around and around the house. I try very hard to hit minimum 8,000 before it’s too dark to use the yard or the road but that just does not always happen. If possible I add in steps to any shopping trip.


Oops getting dark. Gotta get one more circuit of the yard.

Even so, some days it’s sundown, or it’s raining and I’m only at 5,000. Well, I tell myself, missing step count one day is not the end of the world. Self reminds me of slippery slopes. So I set out on the journey of twenty five steps around the room. Because I have Fitbit friends, and if I let myself get away with fewer steps they will get ahead of me.

Can’t have that, right?

Obviously walking in circles is freaking BORING. Music helps. Music always helps. I might not be able to walk half an hour solid but I can walk for one song, right? Three to four minutes gets me minimum 500 steps. Then 500 more. I tell myself I can take a break after the current song, or maybe the one right after. And I keep walking.

I’ve exposed myself to a plethora of singing competitions, and reintroduced singers I’ve always admired. Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand have strong voices that support my steps. Karen Carpenter’s clear sweet voice soothes as I huff and puff along but ABBA’s styling slows me down. Go figure.  Sometimes I’ll do a song marathon…do you know how many people have taken on Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah?

Step. Step. Step. Once I’m to 7,000 the rest isn’t quite as difficult, and after I’ve hit 8,000…well not finishing seems like such a waste.

No, it doesn’t make sense but shhhhh I’m getting in those steps!

And the writing, you ask? Or what about the Agility? I’ll take what I can get, with the absolute


Biddy, watching for the next jump

knowledge that I CAN do it, I CAN apply my current self to get things done.

Heck if I can get those steps done I can do pretty much anything.

Step by Step. Page by Page. Jump by Jump in Agility

What do YOU do to fool yourself into getting things done?


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  1. Mona, this blog is wonderful and the music is My music also. Thanks for the fun on this rainy day. I just keep writing, no matter what. Walking with a cane is tricky. I dance carefully.


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