Resolving Not to Resolve #MFRWAuthor

My personal take on this whole holiday season is…really? What should be a time of joy and


no reason, just pretty bushes

sharing becomes a high stress marathon of parties and gift giving and non stop bonhomie. Merry Christmas, we push at each other, perhaps Happy Holidays. Once in a while Greetings of the Season…whatever works for each one of us. Then before the tree is taken down we gather again to welcome the changing of the year, which means several months worth of correcting the date on our checks (for anyone who still writes checks???)

Along with that welcome comes the dreaded NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS whereby we solemnly swear to eat less exercise more work harder or whatever variation of this-is-what-I-should-do we might come up with. I think most of us cross our fingers behind our backs because deep down inside we knew by February 1 those resolutions will be long ago and far away.

Yeah, I used to make all sorts of resolutions, and rarely follow up on them. Thereby setting myself up for major failure. Gloom, despair, and so on. Then I realized, the same as


again, just because it’s pretty

sharing glad tidings of comfort and joy year ’round, and not just dragging out our smiles for Christmas, if we want to make some sort of resolution we should make it NOW. This moment. Whether we want to eat better, sleep more, stop finishing that coconut cream pie (and claim we must have been sleep walking) there is no time better than now. Today. Not next week, next month, next year. Now.

And make it something attainable. I set aside the idea of 5,000 words written in a day, or maybe two hours at the computer actually writing, not researching (like I have any books planned around deep sea explorations, although…) or playing games to ‘limber up my mind.’ Nor will I promise to train for a marathon. Yeah, right. But I can easily write, say, fifteen minutes a day. And I can, with the urging of my FitBit, get up and walk 250 steps every hour. Plus set up challenges for myself to add a few more steps and make it to the next major distance.

The important thing was doing it NOW. The goal is to walk those steps every hour, often followed by fifteen minutes of writing. This is how I planned to finish the next Stormhaven. After, that is, I finish this novella that snuck in when I wasn’t paying Front Cover - My Killer My Love-first tryattention…maybe I was walking an extra five loops in the living room? It’s in the world of the Atrahasis, same as  My Killer My Love featuring two mature protagonists finding each other after decades apart.

I’m bringing in the new year with friends, taking along some low carb comfort food such as loaded cauliflower and this pecan shortbread recipe I’ve been playing with. If it passes the taste test I’ll be sharing.

Looks like I’ll be sharing some recipes tomorrow. Best of everything to everybody, now and in our futures.


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2 responses to “Resolving Not to Resolve #MFRWAuthor

  1. Wise words. All the very best to you and the doggies. Well done on the FitBit and the Words.


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