When They Tell You to Take it Easy #MFRWAuthor

I had this “thing” with my feet. Actually I’ve had this foot thing for a while now. I can remember looking for somewhere to prop my left foot…for just a few minutes…to make it feel better. It’s grown into something serious enough for me to trip from time to time, stumbling when I need to power forward.

And I decided it was past time to do something about this foot thing. Especially since I discovered we have a Foot and Ankle Clinic right here in Edgewood. So I don’t have to drive to Albuquerque to be told I have flat feet (DUH) with no advice on how to avoid that stumbling. I decided to try out this closer doctor, who told me a simple in house surgery could alleviate some of the problem.

003Mind you simple and surgery don’t compute in my mind but the chance to reduce the pain and swelling was too good to pass up. I’d thought to take pictures during the actual procedure but I didn’t think they would be acceptable to many readers. Blood and bones, you know. Not pretty.

I did get a boot to wear, and I wore it religiously. Including crawling into bed with 001the darned thing on my foot. Showers were a particular form of fun. And I had to take it easy while the toe healed.

Easy. Really?



When the garden fence 019needed reinforcing and the gate had to be replaced and I really wanted to try to set up a bird feeding station. Still, it was just for ten days, two weeks, tops.I could entertain myself with New Mexico Autumn Skies.


And sunsets.


Then today, I saw my toe again. And it was good. At least it will be.


Helloooo TOE









Unfortunately I can’t say the same for A Question of Faith. Amazon has hiccuped, and it’s not yet available in e-book. I’ll let you know as soon as it is.



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7 responses to “When They Tell You to Take it Easy #MFRWAuthor

  1. So glad it ( the op) is working for you.


  2. Sheryl Koster Black

    I hope you continue to improve. I have a rare disease of my feet called Erythromelalgia. My diagnosis confirmed by a specialist. It’s a neuro/vascular disease. I have a pinched nerve in my back. I have the same symptoms as you. Awkwardness, tripping, falling, breaking bones. My bad foot still not healed. That’s all the news about my feet.


    • Oh Sheryl, that’s awful. My foot issues are partially due to wearing shoes too small while I was too busy to think about my feet. So the toes curled and this one in particular got crowded. I now wear zero drop shoes with WIDE toe boxes (not easy to find!) And I started taking Turmeric which seems to be of help.


  3. I know from toes, Mona. They are mercilous and won’t let go, sometimes even years later. Be well, my friend. Thinking of you. Charmaine


    • Thanks so much. I grew up mostly in ugly shoes…the idea of heels just makes me shudder. But even athletic shoes can be too narrow at the toe for my feet. I have a goal of running more so I’m on the hunt for those right shoes no matter how they look!


  4. Hope you’re buzzing around okay now, Mona. Just hang in there! ((hugs))


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