Just Keep Moving #MFRWAuthor

The monumentally talented Lisa Ricard Claro wrote the blog I contemplated. The not so Obvious Obvious

It is a shame we don’t figure these things out earlier in life, sad that too often we don’t figure them out until it’s too late. Once I did decide to take more control of my life, I developed a mantra to chant when I was not feeling very motivated

Don’t Sit when you can Stand.

Don’t Stand when you can Walk.

Don’t Walk when you can Jog.

Don’t Jog when you can Run…some of us substitute stumbling around for Jog and Run but the main idea is:


If nothing else, a moving target is harder to take down! And here’s proof I am moving. Not fast, not real pretty (my dog is the pretty one) but moving.


Lisa has written the small town Firefly gems, check her out at the above link!


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2 responses to “Just Keep Moving #MFRWAuthor

  1. Sorry to be so late coming over here. I took a big blog break and only today checked my comments and saw your link. Thanks for the links love (and the nice compliment, too!). Love the video. Our animals do help us keep moving, that’s for sure. 🙂 I find I’m still sitting too much, but at least I’m up and moving more than I was. Except today. Today I’ve been sitting all afternoon. I better get moving. lol

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    • I took a ridiculously long blog break, especially during the time before our National, since I was chair for two years. What was I thinking!
      I continue to break down chores into less efficiency, making three trips instead of one to hang out laundry. So much easier now than in the snow.


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