This is No Time for a Chat #MFRWAuthor #Amwriting

Thanks to the inspirational advice of The Amazing Jami Gray  I’ve been immersed in final edits for A Question of Faith, the next Stormhaven story. As I was going through the first love scene, I reviewed the pithy, witty, clever, totally unnecessary dialogue. Intimate chatting after the fact is or can be so special. Not so much when your characters are supposed to be on the verge of out of the universe love making. Julie Andrews said it best:

Best just get on with it, don’t you think?

Especially when I find a gem like this: ‘His mouth hovered over hers.’ Bringing up images of flying saucers…or stealth helicopters. Well, at least it didn’t hoover. But, yeah, need to reword that one.

#amediting and writing.


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2 responses to “This is No Time for a Chat #MFRWAuthor #Amwriting

  1. Too bad we can’t make the clever dialogue optional–maybe with an app that inserts it at the reader’s request 🙂

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