What We Do For Love #MFRWAuthor

Remember this one?

I’ve thought about how I wanted to write this blog a lot the last few weeks. What would we do for love? Think about the things we’ve done for love, with no thought of reimbursement or awards. The school play, sports when we know we’re only slightly above average, sitting in a hospital with a friend.


This song is not just about what we do for love. It’s about what would we do if we could not do the thing we love most? Whatever that might be…dance, ride horses, sing…

What would you do, if you couldn’t do that one special thing ever again? If you couldn’t see that one very special person or place again?

If you had to leave the country you cherished, never to return? Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) turned this loss into an iconic book, one that never fails to move readers. How many people have had to leave the home of their heart, knowing they would only see it again in memories?

How many people have hugged a lover, friend, family member prior to deployment, knowing there was a very real possibility of never seeing them again?

Could you be philosophical about putting that phase of your life behind you? Could you let those experiences give greater value to your future?

Or would you dwell in the past, like someone whose greatest life experiences came in high school? Would you choose to hide in the cave of your memories, or move forward into a bright future?




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6 responses to “What We Do For Love #MFRWAuthor

  1. Once upon a time I had a voice. I was an actor on stage, Television, movies and more. For years it was beyond wonderful, the small fish in the big pond and one night toward the end of a play, something went wrong with my voice. Spasmodic Dysphonia ended my career. Now I write. The sweet time is gone. My husband died soon before that sad time. Gone. We go on. Thanks for your blog , Mona.

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  2. You raise an interesting question, Mona. For me, I think that if I suffered the kind of loss you mention, there’d be no choice but to go on. I couldn’t live in the past, no matter how unhappy the present might be.

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    • We don’t have much choice, do we? Either move forward or give up. There really is no turning back. Some of the comments on the You Tube page told about dancers who almost made it, then their knees gave out.
      And what about the future sports stars who are hurt in high school? I think all we can do is live today to the fullest.


  3. My books are about Survive and Thrive. That’s all I know how to do. Move your butt forward, keep smiling. I married a sweet guy, we met by chance, and here we are growing way old together. My best to you and everyone who suffers a loss of one kind or another. One step forward then take another. Keep the love rolling on.

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