Winning the Fitbit Game #MFRWAuthor #amwwriting


A Rare Foggy Morning

WordPress informs me it’s been twenty two days since my last post. Time is definitely slipping away. All that snow…well a lot of it is gone but melting snow produces its own inconveniences (MUD) plus there are places where I know the packed snow/ice will continue for a month or more.

All of this cold and slippery is not conducive to exercising, or at least it offers reasonable excuses. It didn’t take long to slide back into very bad habits, and on my last doctor visit some of the pounds had crept back. Sigh. Probably becauseĀ  my steps had fallen from around 7,000 per day to (gulp) 3,000 or less.

Not acceptable.

I needed to come up with a plan that I could follow. So I created a few simple rules:

ONE: Be Less Efficient. Seriously. Instead of carrying a full load in from the truck, carry one bag in each hand. Better for balance on slippery spots, plus…more steps.

TWO: Use the Stores. Any of the larger stores offer a safe, warm atmosphere to move around. I can add in the less efficient here as well. Instead of planning how to shorten my shopping as much as possible by making one planned circuit, I’ll go back and forth from plumbing to eggs back to paint swatches, along with a quick trip out to what’s left of the garden center.

THREE: Make it Fun for All. Walking around the yards and fields with the ‘lukis keeps all of us exercised, plus it really helps with the dark day doldrums. Granted I can’t stride out in bumpy fields the way I can on smooth surfaces, but we’re all still out and moving around.

FOUR: Get UP. If I’m at the computer for long stretches (writing, really!) then I need to stand up, move around, go outside and walk even if it’s just to check the bird feeders.

FIVE: Have a Fallback Plan. If I can not get out of the house, much less out into the yards, I know it’s a certain number of steps around the large main room, and I can add in the garage if I get bored just going in circles. Every. Step. Counts.

SIX: Never Miss a Chance. Once enough of the ice had cleared from my road, I started walking down to the gate, then running (okay, sorta stumbling) back up. First one time, then two, and I’m up to three or four times now.

Every step counts, and I am determined to be in better shape this June than last.

Coming with me?

front-cover-finalYou might ask, what am I writing? I decided Lana needed her story told. That would be Tyler Randolph’s ex-wife; Sydney Castleton’s estranged sister. From a Question of Honor. This book is A Question of Trust. Lana needs to learn to trust.

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2 responses to “Winning the Fitbit Game #MFRWAuthor #amwwriting

  1. Funny how polar opposites are kind of the same. Here it’s too hot and humid to exercise. That’s my story. Your plan sounds good. You’ll make it ork. Just be careful on that ice.

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  2. I am ever so careful on the ice. It’s just too tacky to slip and fall! You’ll have your coldish time in about six months, while I’m cherishing the shade structures we’ve put up.


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