Getting a Bit More Fit #MFRWAuthor

Just a bit. I’m not one of those automatic 10,000 minimum steps people. I only wish. Nor do I jump out of bed and hit the jogging trail. More likely I ooze out of bed, stumble to the back door to start the dogs going out in the morning routine. Sometimes I’ll go out with them to check what’s happened in our yard overnight.

Thanks to the turmeric there are not so many groans and creaks but it still takes a while for all the parts to work in harmony. But there are some mornings…hold on, getting a gulp of the magic nectar. Whoever figured out roasting and grinding beans, then boiling them, deserves a humanitarian award.

Jami Gray Small


This is kind of a “hi, I’m here” blog, just to touch base. Tomorrow I’m part of a release week blitz for Elle Wright’s THE FORBIDDEN MAN.

Coming up: Over Labor Day (my birthday!) Jami Gray and I have concocted a ‘Labor of Love” blog blitz, with an ultimate prize of a Kindle, loaded with books. Which should be pretty cool, I’m thinking.

I’m editing the next Stormhaven story…this is Tyler Randolph’s story, where he learns to have faith in a woman, and himself. It’s either the best yet, or it totally sucks. Yeah, I’m at that stage.

So hang around, I have recipes and pictures to share (that would be low carb and high plains)

Happy Sunday everyone..I’m taking myself to breakfast, want to meet me at the Grille?

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