Summertime…it’s HERE #MFRWAuthor

Moving to New Mexico turned my entire weather world around. We have real winters, dry heat, and summer hides around the corner until we don’t think it will show up. Then it’s here BAM and the temperatures rise until we can bask in the heat, letting our bones cook, after months of chilling out.

Then, if we’re very lucky, the rains come.

We’ve been lucky this year. We’ve had rain every few days. Sometimes heavy, sometimes just a lick and a promise. But the holding tanks are full and the plants are happy. If I can just win this danged grasshopper war, I might end up with a garden.

In the meantime I’m hard at work on the next Stormhaven Love Story, where Karma gets even with Tyler for snickering at Devin. Ty meets his comeuppance in Rosalind Summerton, who stands toe to toe with him, and both of them come out winners. Here’s a snippet:

***Ty leaned against his pool cue, taking in the picture she made in a slinky flowing dark red dress with accents in two other colors he couldn’t name. The total package was stunning, something not often seen in this small off the beaten path bar.
“What color did you call that again?”
“I didn’t. I tend not to name my colors, gives them the idea they have rights and privileges.”***

Oh, yeah, Ty’s gonna fall hard, and love every minute of it.


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