A Treat…and an Early Present HolidayRomance #ASMSG #MFRWauthor

The multi talented Kayelle Allen has stepped out of her zone to write a sweet Christmas story. Not that her usual characters aren’t every bit as sweet as she is, but they do get themselves into some pretty hot situations. Hold on, I need to open a window. WHEW.

Okay that’s over, now here’s Kayelle’s lovely sweet Christmas story.


A cop at the door on Christmas Eve brings an unexpected gift.
A sweet holiday romance showcasing love, loss, and the spirit of giving. Kayelle Allen

Dara was gaining strength daily, and would finish therapy the first week of January and return to work. Disability paid for the basics – lights, phone, water, trash collection, and she’d never bought anything on credit, refusing to dig herself into a hole she’d never escape once it got started.
She went to the closet and pulled down a box with a ball, crayons, paper, and three books. A friend had brought over a few things as well. This wasn’t the grand Christmas Dara had wanted for her daughter, but all the other valuables had been sold. There was nothingromcmas-bnr-cmas-gift left but her wedding ring.
She didn’t wear it. Removing it had been part of saying good-bye to Jack.
They said it would help, and it had. Sort of. But not much.
Dara sank into one of the kitchen chairs and put her face in her hands.
Sometime later, when the doorbell rang, she grabbed a paper towel and dried her eyes. The clock over the stove said nine o’clock. Who would be calling at this hour on Christmas Eve? She stuffed the wet towel in her robe pocket on the way to the door.
Here’s a giveaway for everyone. A Peek Inside: A Romance for Christmas | A sweet holiday story about love, loss, and the magic of giving. Giveaway!
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Kayelle Allen is a multi-published, award-winning author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary characters, futuristic immortals, covert agents, and warriors who purr.
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  1. Thank you so much, Mona! I appreciate you sharing my holiday romance with your readers. 🙂


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