I am Not Nora

Although I write Romance in a broad range of sub genres, I do not have her name recognition nor her amazing work ethic. Needless to say I’m also not any of the authors whose books I devour. I thank them for the hours of entertainment, and pleasant dreams.

I am a member of Land of Enchantment Romance Authors, the local RWA chapter, but I am not any one of the remarkable, prolific, award-winning authors in the chapter. So many of them…you really need to come to a meeting and absorb the magic.

I am published by Black Opal Books, but I am not Jami Gray or Nana Prah, nor any of the other talented writers making their publishing debut through this unique press, or choosing this venue to continue their career. However, I am this month’s featured author…and that is such an ego boost!

I enjoy using my camera to record events in my life but I will never be the equal of Anita LG, who reveals her vision to the world

Fire Dragon over the jump, photo by Anita LG

Fire Dragon over the jump, photo by Anita LG

through her camera lens.

I show and judge dogs, but you’ll never see me on one of the televised shows, choosing the best of the best while wearing a full length evening gown. Nor will you see me presenting a dog at one of these prestigious events.

Recently I’ve started my Salukis in Agility. It is possible I will compete one day but the odds of me achieving top honors are slim to none. Although competing with a breed not often seen in Agility might be to my advantage.

This is stating facts, not any attempt to solicit sympathy. Though I involve myself in these activities, I’m not these people. They are not me. We are each of us unique, special little snowflakes, trying our best to stand out in a blizzard.

We waste so much of our lives comparing ourselves to others, generally to our own detriment. Maybe it’s time to step back, take a deep breath, and enjoy being who we are.

While we’re at it, let’s enjoy the low carb Pecan Sandies I made last week. They go very well with red wine, and good company. Instead of crescents, I made tiny balls and squashed them flat. The recipe came from All Day I Dream About Food, a fabulous resource for those who have chosen a low carb lifestyle.  Unlike some people I haven’t lost weight nearly overnight but I’ve succeeded in taking control of my diet and my life. And now I’m going to give myself fifteen minutes (or more) to delve into my latest book. BICHOK y’all


Photo credit Monica Stoner…that’s me when I’m not writing

Have a fabulous day, everyone.



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7 responses to “I am Not Nora

  1. Sitting at my laptop, trying to assimilate a developmental edit into my manuscript, I am struggling with comparisons the editor made with other books that mine may or may not be similar to… does that make any sense? The best part of just being who we are is that it might be the easiest way out. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll head that way.


    • It helped me to merge my many activities. After forty years in Salukis, I have a style I like. It’s not the most popular style, but it works for me.
      You know you can give horse’s the best hope of a good new life, but you’re not Steinkraus (my childhood crush) Which is perfect since your horses need YOU not him. You write YOUR book, as well as you can. If you can use those other books for encouragement, great.


  2. Thanks. I don’t need to tell you this, but this writing thing… it’s hard.


  3. You don’t give yourself enough credit, Mona, because you, too are a very talented “new” voice. Yet, I think all of that indulge in this type of creative endeavor are forever comparing ourselves to those we read. I do it all the time. While not the healthiest thing to do, I try to make this “bad” habit a positive thing–I turn it into a challenge. So when I read that *fantastic* book that just came out, I make a mental note of what I loved, then look at my Muse, slap her with a white glove, and say, “Dare you!”. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong!
    Besides, your fur babies are some of the most gorgeous I’ve seen. =0)


  4. Such a good reminder. I’m one of those people who can do a lot of things reasonably well. But I don’t think I’ll ever be brilliant at anything. Accept, and move on, and be content.


  5. I did not expect to see my name in the post. So cool. Thanks. No you are not Nora, because she is. She can’t write stories like Mona anymore than the opposite can be true.

    It’s interesting how many coincidences this world is full of. Have fun being the wonderful Mona/Monica that only you can be.

    Here’s to hoping you and your Salukis one day achieving top honor.


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