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Shifting Worlds

One of the many delights about being a writer is the ability to immerse myself in a book, and call it research. Any book,  but since Paranormal and Urban Fantasy are particular favorites of mine (well, along with Romantic Suspense and Historical Romance and Mystery and…) An even greater delight is finding a new author who can sweep me away into their world.

I’m going to have extra fun tonight sharing some favorites with you. Three highly talented writers who each have their own unique take on shifters. They don’t know I’m writing about them, so we’re all going to have fun. Get ready to add to your TBR pile!

First is Doranna Durgin. Award winning and prolific, Doranna has created a world of Sentinel Shifters, who take a myriad of animal selves, and who help protect the world from the extremely bad Core. It all started several thousand years ago with a Roman, a Druid, and…you’ll probably enjoy more finding out for  yourself. The first book in the series is Jaguar Night, and the most recent one is Lynx Destiny. My favorite? Mmmm hard to pick, each has a unique flavor with a guarantee of strong intelligent women and powerful, compassionate men. Oh, yeah. And by the way, Doranna helped emphasize a point of grammar in my MFRW Blog

Then we have Jami Gray, whose Kyn Kronicles build a world of magic and intrigue and…shape shifters. Her most recent book, Shadow’s Moon, delves more deeply into the shifter population of the Kyn community. She explains the difference between ‘Born or Bitten’ shifters, and how some supernatural beings are just not nice to be around. Strong women again and intelligent, hot heroes. What more could we want for a rainy evening read? Jami’s visited several times in fact Jami Was Here  not too long ago.

Dropping Down Under, Greta van der Rol has made her mark in Space Opera, such as The Iron Admiral and Morgan’s Choice.    Her concern with the plight of the tiger has led her to create her own shifter world, where it’s all in the family, but family can show up at any time. Starting with Black Tiger and then White Tiger/Black Tiger, Greta not only brings magic and romance into her stories, she also reveals some ugly truths about how tigers live in the US.

Since these writers have all become friends, I don’t feel comfortable reviewing their books, but I wanted to share them with you. Maybe you’ll enjoy their stories enough to write your own reviews?

For tonight, it’s raining in the high desert and I think I’m going to bed. Happy Reading.


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