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Thirteen? Thirteen? Do I Hear Thirteen?

I am a firm believer in events which bring together family and friends. Not so much in how those events are presented. Thanksgiving, for one example, was far from a gathering of Pilgrim and Indian in peaceful harmony. While it’s wonderful to get together it might be past time to stop teaching that whitewashed version of the first Thanksgiving.

Many bemoan Christmas itself is more of a commercial enterprise than a religious one. But the actual idea of the birth of Christ in the middle of winter is already skewing history. Choosing a day to celebrate His birth is wonderful. Tagging it to an existing celebration was a very clever idea. Turning either one into a greed fest seems to exemplify so much that is not in line with his teachings, and bothers most of us.

As a child I loved the tree, the decorating, the gathering of relatives I hadn’t seen possibly for years. The idea that we must have THE perfect gift on one specific day…not so much, especially not as time piles up on me and I realize all of us have way too much…stuff. The pressure builds and we end up either spending far more than we can afford or everyone gets a pair of gloves.

I LOVE Christmas music, and am likely to sing it at the top of my voice while driving long distances in the middle of summer. I like to gift people as I find the perfect item for them, though if I don’t send it off immediately it’s going to gather dust in the corner until found, generally during a holiday cleaning purge. In fact there are a couple of items hiding under the dust bunnies… Thing is, I love the fellowship and good feelings of Christmas, but not when they are a required attitude during a limited season.

When we moved from Southern California we left behind my husband’s family, and my own has been scattered to the four winds. Does this mean I love them less? No. My hounds have kept me from casual travel, and I find Skype good for exchanging smiles but woefully inadequate for exchanging hugs. Home For the Holidays takes on a whole new meaning when we can’t leave our own home base and instead must rely on these visual aids. Then I remember centuries past when information moved at the speed of a scrawled note. No, I wasn’t there. Or was I?

Back to the misunderstandings we’ve all accepted as truths throughout our lives, we just might need to reexamine the concept of thirteen as an unlucky number. We have Triskaidekaphobia, or the fear of the number thirteen, supported by various legends. But thirteen is also considered a number of significance and good fortune in other cultures. Specifically, thirteen is the number between twelve and fourteen. The same as December 25 is the day chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ. And the day we would like to all gather in love. I’m going to try something really sneaky…let’s try that love thing for the rest of the year. What do you think?

My featured story here A Christmas Whimsy is one I wrote in my own spirit of Christmas sharing for my dog show and romance reading friends. I hope you enjoy it. And just for fun, a short contest. Winner gets the choice of either of my current books. Let’s make it simple, and silly. Ummm, oh, got it, I’ll use my late husband’s favorite extra credit question for his art students. What breed of dog has taken over my life for the last forty years?


Happiest of holidays to you, however you celebrate. You won’t find me sky clad this solstice but I send out a hug and best wishes to you and yours.

Hmmm, and low carb tip? Next time you bake a chicken try slicing up a daikon radish to drop around and inside the bird. You will not miss potatoes.


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