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When Everything Almost Goes Wrong But Ends Up Right

This is just a bit of meandering, partially so I can stay in the habit of keeping up the blog. For the next few days I’m in one of my “other” personas, concerning all things doggy. I’m a Delegate to the American Kennel Club for my breed, and we meet four times a year to discuss issues and share ideas. I’ve fallen off in attendance after being at every meeting for years. Tom’s illness, then dealing with a new life, has taken a while to organize.

One of the Scottish Deerhound babies

One of the Scottish Deerhound babies

Jason and Moochie, my ‘special needs’ boys went to a great new kennel near the house and my good friend with lovely Scottish Deerhounds is tending to the rest of the pack. I got a good price on the flight and have a  new roommate to help with hotel costs. Easy Peasy, right?

Well, sort of. I got a later start than normal this morning (really, just this morning…wow) and made it to the airport with little time to spare. I’ve never had an issue going through Security, except when I was carrying a bunch of silver necklaces to sell in the booth, and the x-ray showed what looked like a lot of wires. This time they pulled my green pulley bag out for inspection. Poor thing. it’s not young any  more and the zipper is very delicate. Fortunately the inspector was gentle, and went on a search. I finally asked what in the world I’d packed. He said, somewhat grimly, ‘box cutter.’ Picture  me with a frown, then “Oh, yeah. I’ve been pulling up carpet and the suitcase was on a stool in the room.”

Yep, THAT box cutter

Yep, THAT box cutter

After that he was much less grim, eventually finding the suspicious item and holding it up. “Yup, there it is. You can throw it out, that one didn’t work at all.” Well, duh, Monica of course he’s going to throw it out. Then he had to put the bag through the x-ray again. I eventually grabbed up pulley bag, purse, and computer and dashed to the gate, getting there just while they were announcing the last call for boarding. Phew!

Ah, but the day wasn’t over yet, I had what I thought was a tight but not impossible connection in Dallas. Since the next flight was in the same terminal, and only twenty gates away, I wasn’t worried…until I found out there was a looooooong remodeling section between gates.  Pant. Pant. Pant. No need to go to the exercise room at the hotel today, and once again I made it just before the doors closed. This time when the drink cart came around I indulged in a cup of coffee and a tiny bottle of Irish Cream…a lazy person’s Irish Coffee.

In years past the hotel I usually use for this meeting has had the attraction of being less expensive than the host hotel but not much more than that. They’ve been remodeling and for the first time there was no need to ask for another room because of dripping faucets or dirty carpets. Plus the Internet connection is better than average. I miss the roomie I’ve had for so many years but will be meeting someone new with a different breed. I’ll keep you up to date on what happens, especially the tribulations of trying to eat low carb in a hotel restaurant.


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