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Start Your Downloads

Let’s fill the Mother’s Day Kindles with a multitude of wonderful books. The IRI Book Blowout is about to begin.  I’ve put both My Killer My Love and Teach Me To Forget into the mix, and they are among 150 books available for the amazing price of .99 from May 1-3. That’s right over one hundred and fifty books in multiple genres.  Check it out: Bouquet of Books Sale. Not only a massive collection of wonderful books but also CONTESTS WITH PRIZES.  Very Very Cool Prizes. As in First Prize is a $100 gift certificate.

Lots of wonderful new books to download and read, wonderful contest prizes, and a chance to fill someone’s reader with new authors.  Looks like a win-win-win situation.

Teach Me To Forget May 2012

Teach Me To Forget
May 2012

Black Opal Books has helped me have  Teach Me To Forget and My Killer My Love front-cover-my-killer-my-love-first-try[1]available for this event. If you don’t have a copy, now is the time to grab one.  Enjoy, and happy reading


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Off to the Prom…o

Have you ever noticed how plans you made months ago seem to float along blithely then turn around and LEAP on you? As a writer for a boutique press, I’m aware the bulk of promotional work falls on me (often shared with my wonderful fellow Black Opal Books Authors) And I’m good with that especially since there is a multitude of opportunities available for anyone willing to take the time to learn.


That Suit

So when my local RWA Chapter Land of Enchantment Romance Authors decided to participate in the upcoming  it only took me a few breaths to agree to be a “featured author” and sign books, even though LERA is populated with a wealth of multi published award winning writers. We all start somewhere right?  Then Sarah Storme upped the ante with an opportunity to promote our books on Good Day New Mexico. That one took more than a few breaths.  Sure, I’ve lost weight, but not enough. And my days of makeup, killer shoes, and fancy clothes are long past.  Though I could dredge up my suit, give it a brush off since the last dog show… it’s dark, and makes me feel professional.  And doggonit how often does this sort of chance show up?  Right, pretty  much never.

The taping was yesterday, and airs May 8, just before the Fiesta (great timing!!) And except for the shock of the close up (who’s that old woman with wrinkles on her face?  Ooops, that’s me??) quickly forgotten, I think it went well.  We’ll know soon enough.

But for now, I’m participating in the IRI Book Blowout from May 1-3.  For those three days, both My Killer My Love and Teach Me To Forget  will be reduced to .99 on Amazon.  Here’s your opportunity to grab a copy of each, maybe gift some to friends. I’ll have all the links up tomorrow to make it even easier for you to access. And I’ll be Tweeting up a storm, helping to promote the others participants, who will also be helping me. Truly, we are not alone.


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