New ‘N’ Naughty for 2013

Could there be a better way to start the New Year than a blog hop with an overwhelmingly impressive group of erotic writers. What the heck am I doing here?  Well, it looks like I’m moving into new territory, and some of my people are going to be a bit naughty.  Gabriel, brother to Mykhael from My Killer My Love is going to get an opportunity to redeem himself after he got involved with the wrong group and tried to destroy Kendra’s home. The Atrahasis send him to live among humans, with his powers suppressed, until he learns humility. That might take a while. Especially since he’s having these strange dreams about being with a woman he’s never met…

Problem is, I’m still struggling to name my female lead.  She’s bright, full figured, intensely loyal to her friends and a bit lonely since she dumped her fiance after one too many cracks about her needing to look more like the women he’d like to have around. So not happening, bozo. She’s house sitting for a friend while she gets her life together, but she’s having the strangest, hottest dreams about a man she’s never met…



As you can see, I need a very special name for this extremely special woman.  So I’m asking for some help.  Anyone who010 comments with a name, I’ll put your name in a bowl, and Gwynny will tear herself away from her Kindle long enough to choose one of the papers in the bowl.  The random choice will win this manic lady pin…and if I use your name in Gabriel’s story, you’ll get naming credit.  How does that sound?  And yes, I can mail it to you no matter where you live!

There are also three fabulous prizes from Jennifer and Lisabet, including a $60 gift certificate to Eden’s Fantasy

visit Eden Fantasys at edenfantasys (dot) com and two other lucky winners will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to their choice of the following book sites: AmazonAll Romance eBooksBarnes & Noble, or Total-E-Bound.  So be sure to visit all the amazing blogs listed below. Each one will have a prize for you to win.

Adriana Kraft
Adriana Kraft
Alisha Paige/Ruby Vines
Addicted to Genre Bending
Ann Cory
Ann Cory
Cassandra Carr
Hot Blogging with Heart
Cherie Noel
Great Expectations
Diane Thorne
Diane Thorne – Erotic Romance Author
Donna George Storey
Sex, Food, and Writing
Donna Michaels
Romaginative Fiction-Donna’s Dish
Elise VanCise
Gladiator’s Pen
Harlie Williams
Harlie Williams, Writer
Helena Harker
Open the Door to Your Fantasies

Wright’s Blog
Justus Roux
Where Love and Erotic Know No Boundaries
Kayelle Allen
Unstoppable Heroes

Kendall McKenna
Love and Dog Tags
Lisabet Sarai
Beyond Romance
Lisa Carlisle
Lisa Carlisle’s News
Lyndi Lamont
Lyndi’s Love Notes
M. S. Spencer
M. S. Spencer Tale Spinner

May Water
May Water’s Erotica
Michelle Moon
Ink Dipped Moon
Mona Karel
Mona Karel
Naomi Bellina
Naomi Bellina Adventurous Erotic Romance
Nicole Morgan
Bringing Passion To Life
Rose Anderson
Calliopes Writing Tablet
Roz Lee
Roz Lee
S. Dora
S. Dora
Sapphire Phelan
Sapphire Phelan’s Passion Corner
Stormie Kent
Stormie Kent’s Musings
Suz deMello
Fearless, Fast-paced Fiction
Synithia Williams
Synithia Williams
Victoria Pinder
Victoria Pinder Romance Author
Virginia Nelson
Virginia Nelson, Author


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40 responses to “New ‘N’ Naughty for 2013

  1. kimmyl

    Kleo, Melaina, Layna, Isadora,
    I can’t wait to read all these new books and meet new authors!!!!!Thanks for the giveaway and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!!!!!!


  2. I always thought Imari was a pretty name. Best of luck, Mona!


  3. How about a name like Lulu or Tyra?


  4. Hmmm, these are interesting names, my mind had been running toward something a bit more ordinary, which might be why I’m having problems. Keep ’em coming!


  5. mawmom

    I was thinking maybe named for a great woman like, Cathryn or Antoinette (Maybe that one she could go by Toni) I also like the name Miranda not to unusual but not everyday either. thanks Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com


  6. Pamela TRuesdale

    Jane is an ordinary name. Even my name, Pamela is. Sandra too.
    If want out of ordinary: Nicolette, Tamora, Tamara, Cheyenne.


  7. Hmmm, these are getting interesting! The friend she’s house sitting for is going to be some variation of Nicholas (Russian monarchy connection)


  8. vera mallard

    so many books, so many new authors, so little time. Mary Louise is a great name for her. thanks for particapiting in the hop
    vera28546 at yahoo (dot) com


  9. I’d like to help, but if it’s a name I really, really like I’m keeping it for my heroines! Selfish? Yes, indeedy–especially because I go through 10-12 names for each character before I can settle on one. The story sounds delicious though. Oh, don’t do Miriam. Jane is very nice–that fits. Hmmm (shut UP, Meredith)


  10. Mary Roya

    I don’t need credit, if you choose this name. I would be honored. I was thinking Mary Nell. Loved your blog. Thanks for being in Sexy Blog Hop.


  11. Hi Mona,
    I actually find thinking up women’s names easier than finding a hero’s name. In high school, I knew a girl who was full figured and very sweet. Her name was Joelle, Elle or Ellie for short. When you described your heroine, I thought of Joelle. I certainly hope your heroine meets the man in her dream 🙂


  12. Naomi Bergner

    Love that beautiful pin! How about Chloe, Carmella, Viviana, Celeste? Sounds like a fun book.


  13. Catherine

    It has to sound nice with Gabriel. How about Gwen, Frannie (short for Frances), or Jill.
    I love the pin. I’m a librarian and I often wear pins to work.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com


  14. Sara Long Roth



  15. tallulahrose

    So sorry to have missed out on this hop… I am always late to the party.. You can call her Tallulah if you like… You won’t get much naughtier than what I am becoming….xx

    Good luck with it…xx


  16. Liv (or Livie) Levasseur named after her long-lost relative the pirate Olivier Levasseur.


  17. Adara 🙂
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  18. Shannon Bereza

    I think a common name with a little different spelling is always kind of cool. My daughters name is Paytyn. Not sure why I like different spellings but I do. It makes things interesting. A couple other suggestions are Shannon(ya gotta love that name, lol) or Lexis, Renata, Rylan. Just a couple suggestions. I like Jane too, but I would spell it Jayn or Jayne or even Jaine.
    sbereza22 at


    • In My Killer My Love, the hero is Mykhael. When he tries to pass himself off as human, he pronounces it Michael, and is called Mike by the townspeople. He had trouble influencing Kendra’s mind so she heard it right the first time. Poor Gabriel, while he’s working with the humans they call him “Gabe” and he’s really not amused.


  19. Mer

    The unnamed heroine sounds like a great character! Maybe Elizabeth? There are so many nickname options–for example, I’m imagining horrible fiance insisting on calling poor Beth ‘Liz’ in his attempt to remake her.

    dancingcelt at gmail dot com


  20. I like the name Grace, it’s my daughter’s middle name, and it isn’t so common anymore. Nice change from all the names we are inundated with.

    Best wishes
    Christine S
    cms72023 at gmail dot com


  21. arswthrt

    I love the name Grace, with the nickname Gracie…I would have named my daughter that, but her Grandma was partial to the nickname Katie, so thus my daughter became Catherine Grace.
    Best wishes
    Christine S
    cms72023 at gmail dot com


  22. JanD

    How about Amy.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com


  23. I’m thinking Morgan. Or Adrianna. Something strong to step into as she claims her power.
    trillium2 AT


  24. How about Zina, Jewel, Miranda, Virginia or Daisy.
    Maybe Rosemarie, Stephanie or Piper.
    Good luck.
    Seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com


  25. kimberly holgate

    kaholgate at ymail dot com


  26. April Holgate

    i vote for the name April! I am rather partial to it and think it suits a quirky spunky independent chick to a tee!
    Thanks for hopping!


  27. Wow, you are getting quite a list of names to choose from. I know you are leaning towards something a little more ordinary, but holy cow Kleo is awesome! (thumbs up to kimmyl)
    If you don’t want it, can I use it? *hehehe*

    Thanks for participating in our blog hop! 🙂



  28. laura

    I am finding so many new authors and books. I like the name Chloe.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  29. shadowluvs2read

    Best wishes and many blessings! Thank you for the awesome giveaway and hop! 🙂 How about the name Ellie?


  30. chickie434

    She needs a fierce, strong name…ironically, first name that comes to mind is Sasha. And now I have Beyonce songs in my head.



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