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Sheer Indulgence

As so many of us know, a large issue with “diets” is the desire to go back to our old bad habits.  I can remember the taste and texture of so many “bad” yet yummy foods.  Rather than succumb, I’ve been trying to come up with versions of favorite foods I can eat without worry.

It’s zucchini season, and of course my mind goes to deep fried zuke sticks, breaded in bread or cracker crumbs.  Obviously wrong on so many levels.  I searched for a low carb version, and came up with one that started out “drop the

Ready to go in the oven

slices into a beaten egg”  and ended with “fry in oil.” Which did work but the end result wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

But, I asked myself, what if… What if I used the oil to make the coating stick, then stuck it in the small convection oven?  Hmmm, my appetite replied.  That sounds like an awfully yummy dinner.

Wipe off the zukes, cut in strips, toss in olive oil until well coated, then toss in parmesan cheese.  Yep, parmesan cheese.

Trust me.

Bake at 450 Fahrenheit about 20 minutes, until it’s yummy browned.  Our local restaurant, Katrinah’s East Mountain Grill, has a to-die-for green chile ranch salad dressing.  So I add green chile powder to some good ranch dressing (haven’t made my own yet, but this one is low carb) and went to town.

All done and ready to devour

Veggies and cheese for dinner.  How yummy.  How decadent.  Sheer Indulgence.


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