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Reader Participation…the Olympics

I was searching for a quick news/weather update on the television and ended up in the middle of the Hoda/Kathie Lee (not) at the Olympics.  Generally I turn off the idiot box when they come on, but I was deep into untangling a plot point and not ready to step away.  Then they did one of their silly surveys, consisting of a few questions about the Olympics.  In particular:

What is your favorite Olympic event?

What is your favorite part of the opening ceremonies?

Huh, some pretty good questions.  So I’m going to give my favorites, and you can pitch in.  Let’s see, do we want to have prizes?  Why the heck not?  What about a random pick from my late husband’s collection of Olympic pins? No street value, he just collected pins. Particularly from when the Olympics was in Los Angeles.  And that’s when I find them again, things have been topsy turvy here for a while.  Or maybe we can just do this for fun??

My answers:

Favorite event.  For sheer eye candy, it has to be Men’s swimming.  Wow, talk about athletic beauty on display!  And when they do show a bit of Water Polo, I have to head for the ice water.  But my true favorite event is the Dressage, especially when it’s Classical, without the current trend for over flexing and mechanical devices.  I came into horses in the time when training was more about time spent and less about shortcuts.   A good Dressage ride, with horse and rider in perfect balance and coordination, is a thing of pure beauty

NOT Classical Dressage, but really fun!

Favorite part of the opening ceremonies. I realize every opening ceremony has some special secret attraction, not all of which come off as planned.  Remember Korea and roasted pigeons?  On the upside Finland’s Winter Olympics with the peek a book fairy tale aspect?  And who wouldn’t be impressed by the sheer magnitude of the Beijing opening ceremonies.

None of this holds a candle to the expression on the faces of the young athletes as they step into the stadium behind the flag of their country, and are met with that wall of noise.  The delight and awe and sheer exuberance makes the whole torturously long ceremony worth every second.

So, those are mine.  What about yours?


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