What’s Your Motivation

I’m visiting today at Lisa Taylor’s Writer’s Block Party, talking about motivation.  The inspiration came from this terrific workshop I’m taking at Savvy Authors on “Making GMC Work For You.”  GMC being, of course, Goal, Motivation, Conflict.  What your characters want, why they want it, what stops them from getting what they want.  One lucky commenter will get an e-copy of “Teach Me To Forget”







I quoted “Galaxy Quest,” one of my all time favorite Sci Fic movies.  Whoever can give me the next line after that quote will be put “in the hat” to win an e-copy of “My Killer My Love.”  Send your answer to monakarel@gmail.com so you don’t give the answer away!  Both contests end June 30.

Hope to hear from you soon


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5 responses to “What’s Your Motivation

  1. I’ll pop over and have a look. Never saw Galaxy Quest, so… blah.


  2. It is a MUST SEE. Been around long enough to be pretty cheap for rental. Trust me, you’ll roar.


  3. Left-Brained Business for Write-Brained People

    GQ had lots of big stars too. Their fun alone made the movie fun.



  4. the next line after “What’s his motivation?” is: “It’s a ROCK, it has no motivation”


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