Low Carb When you REALLY want Pasta

I knew going low carb would be difficult, especially during a time when I’d really like to be digging into some yummy pasta.  But so far I’ve stuck to my guns, and have even managed to avoid the deadly foods when I’ve had to do a drive through.  I generally order something that looks edible, and throw away the bun.  At my favorite Chinese restaurant I discovered the grilled chicken appetizers on sticks, and could pretty much forget Crab Rangoon and Singapore Rice Noodles.  Okay, can’t totally forget the noodles but can put them behind me for now.

What has helped immensely in this effort is cauliflower and kale.  Seriously.  As a straight up veggie, cauliflower has never done much for me.  But steamed and mashed, with butter and/or cream cheese?? It’s truly a comfort food, and can be used in a modified Shepherd’s pie, over some grilled chicken strips and peppers.  I “roast” the kale in a bit of olive oil (either in a pan or the oven) until it’s crispy, and use it as a base for eggs or maybe shrimp.

The other night I was really craving pasta, and fortunately found a spaghetti squash at the market.  Halved it, cleaned out the seeds, roasted it.  Then forked out the strands of squash, made up a home made marinara sauce.  I had intended to use some tomatoes with Italian seasonings but they had SUGAR in them.  What fool puts SUGAR in canned tomatoes??  As if they weren’t sweet enough on their own?  Fortunately had some plain tomatoes, so I threw out the seasoned ones, and set the extra can of those aside for the donation bag.  Add some grilled garlic, some Parmesan cheese, and pull out the immersion blender.  Yummmmm.

So far, cooking low carb for one is going well.  And finally the scale is beginning to show results!!!  Guess I can’t use the diet as and excuse not to get started on the next book, can I?  This one will concern the Atrahasis again, this time with a young woman orphaned when her parents died while visiting Earth.  She’s grown up a logical woman of science, no fairy tales for her.  She doesn’t believe any of that Gaia stuff, especially when she’s told she’s one of Gaia’s handmaidens.  Isn’t it grand to mess with your characters’ lives???

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