It’s all about timing

This is a somewhat self indulgent post, maybe because I’m working on a rather nice New Mexico red.  Or maybe because I’m seeing that light at the end of the very long, very dark tunnel

Last Friday the husband started to come back to life and respond to the world around him.  He’s still got that long road ahead, but he’s starting to take more steps forward than back. Unfortunately he can be impatient.  Last night he fell out of bed, I think trying to get home.  Oops.  No harm done but he’s just not the patient sort of patient.

I’m not exactly patient myself and I was SO glad to hear from my wonderful editor at Black Opal Books that My Killer My Love will be releasing in paperback a whole month early.  Right now the link says September 10, but I’m assured it will be August 10.

I’d like to think the timetable for healing would also be moved up but more likely he’ll be pushed down the road to an intensive rehab by then, and maybe be home by September.  We can dream, can’t we?

In the meantime it’s definitely time to stop lolly gagging around and get back to work on editing the story of a young woman who has to learn how to trust after her childhood was ruined.  Working title is “Teach Me to Forget.”  So I’ll be blogging about the husband and hospitals, and also about books and writing.  We all need our relief valves.

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  1. Monica,
    thanks for the update posting about Tom. Our prayers are with the both of you.


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