It Is What’s Up Front #MFRWAuthor

Real Estate agents talk about curb appeal and how important it is to have an attractive front entrance. Which hasn’t always been the case here, in fact several friends wondered if they needed a machete to approach through the front overgrowth. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I can’t find any pictures of this area. Except one from last Hallowe’en, with a giant black spide…well you probably remember!

One of the problems with dressing up the front is the seriously poor quality of the soil in front of the walkway. It took, sadly, ten years for me to think waaay outside the box, and use the EarthBoxes I had in the back. Although most everyone else manages amazing success with vegetables in these clever planters, they don’t do much for me. However, with annuals…those flowers that can be found inexpensively pretty much anywhere…hmmm.

I needed quick results since people were going to be driving up the private lane, and I really wanted something to show off. Soooo. I continued the concept of found materials, dragging pieces of carpet, and cut sections of railroad ties around to the front (gotta love those hand trucks) to help boost the EarthBoxes.


Earthboxes on RR ties on carpet. Ready for planting.


Yellow and cream…looks pretty good

I hauled a wood bench out of the house, where it had been covered in ‘stuff’ for ten years. And, yeah, it needs to be outside.


Add A Guardian


And a bench…come sit a spell

THANKS for being a part of this journey. More pictures coming soon. Stick around, you’ll be learning about a new book, from a new Black Opal author!


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7 responses to “It Is What’s Up Front #MFRWAuthor

  1. Looks great, Mon. Good for you!


  2. All the effort makes your yard look better.


  3. Nicely done, Ms. Gardener. As for your new book, I say YIPPEE! I als have a new one coming out titled Beware the Blue Eyed Thunderbolt. I’m finally getting my brains together after the dreadful fall. It’s been a long while. Be well.


  4. Marina Doerfer



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