The Science of Suckology…with thanks to Kristen Lamb

While I was putting this post together in between laundry and cleaning and dog rotations (the first two only seem critical when I’m writing, the third is ongoing) Kristen Lamb’s new blog showed up It’s well worth the read…I’ll get a cup of hot water while you check it out.

There. I find hot water is as comforting as coffee, and if you have good water, almost as tasty. The concept for Science of Suckology came about during that great LERA meeting I talked about in January: Time To Grow Up. A panel of multi published best selling authors sat at the front of the room, and admitted their writing sucked. At least the first iteration and sometimes after several rounds of edits.

If they thought their writing sucked, what right did I  have to think my writing sucked? How dare I put myself at their level? Wait, that’s kind of downer language isn’t it? Why do we so readily claim failure? Do we want people to deny our words, and build us up with their protests? Is it part of our upbringing? “Ladies don’t put themselves forward, dear.” Well, bollocks to that, if not for bold women our world would be in even worse shape…and isn’t that a great theme for a future blog?

We begin as we mean to go on. Check out my first paragraph. At one time I would have written “trying to write.” But as Yoda (the ultimate authority) pointed out


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5 responses to “The Science of Suckology…with thanks to Kristen Lamb

  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's New (to me) Authors Blog and commented:
    Authors, Writers, Readers, read this article, click on the links given and learn something that may change your whole perspective, for the better!


  2. Writing or Riding, it’s the same and I agree. The story we tell is so important. Kirsten’s blog was great today..


  3. Have no fear. Go for a TEN! Those are words I learned early on, Mona, in my acting years until the sad loss of my voice. And then came career # I don’t know how many and at 83, who cares,I began to write. So many creative juices flowing. Learned to use a computer and wrote a story, Got lucky, found a small press Vanilla Heart Publishing and I’ve been with them four years with 5 star reviews from LASR and Night Owl and readers. Unbowed, not broken and I have no doubts, this coming from a woman born in 1931 where we were supposed to be good daughters, good wives, and good mothers.
    Thanks for another great post.


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