A Squealy Fan Girl Moment: Jim Butcher Codex Alera

I’m thinking as I work to get myself back on track with writing and blogging it might be fun to share some of my thoughts as a reader, in the form of sort of reviews. Since my reading is eclectic, these blogs will be eclectic as well, taking in pretty much all genre and all levels of recognition. It’s all going to depend on what I’m reading at the moment. Which right now is Jim Butcher’s  Codex Alera.

I discovered Codex Alera some time around 2008, having been in awe of Harry Dresden and ready to make the genre leap from Urban Fantasy to High Fantasy as well as the character leap from wise cracking Dresden to a very young boy. Amazon tells me I purchased Princep’s Fury and First Lord’s Fury in August 2011, which was not a time of great sanity for me. I’m sure I read them, but was not at that time appreciating the nuances. So very many nuances, which can not be appreciated on the first read. I’ve recently re-read the series, then gone back through First Lord’s Fury yet again.

Any question a reader might have about the main characters will be answered at some point IF  you pay attention. If not, you’ll  have the great good fortune of reading them again to search for that clue. In fact, a re-read reveals those clues, or those answered questions, somewhere along the way. And brings up many more.

Since it’s Christmas Eve and I’m working my way through a bottle of champagne (Trader Joe’s Blanc de Blanc French Brut) while dehydrating liver treats for dog training, and no one wants to be reading long blogs, I’ll share one aspect of the genius of theses books: The forward to Book Six. Read it, and realize how many questions are answered and asked in those few pages. Those of us old enough will hear Rod Serling’s voice on the narrative track, and revel in the planned and fulfilled character arcs that make this series so special.

Sheer genius.

The champagne is to celebrate the lives and loves of those no longer here. We’ll hoist a glass together and move toward a new year.



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2 responses to “A Squealy Fan Girl Moment: Jim Butcher Codex Alera

  1. Kim Walnes

    I LOVE the Codex Alera, Mona! And have read them several times. In fact, I almost brought the first on w/ me to start another reread on my trip today to my son’s in NY, but decided that I wanted something lighter so that I could focus more on Brian and not dive into a world where I live what I’m reading. Cool!

    And while I don’t have any wine, I’ll raise a glass along with you to those who have preceded us into the next adventure. Merry Christmas and may 2014 bring much Goodness to us all, Kim


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